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The Heart of Nuba Film Screening on October 20, 2018 in Washington DC

MagkaSama Team - October 12, 2018
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For several years now, and more importantly since 2016 when we organized in Paris the first screening in France of the movie The Heart of Nuba, we have been supporting the fantastic, brave work of Dr. Tom Catena in the Nuba Mountains, in Sudan.

In 2003 when the MagkaSama Project was founded to draw attention and alert to the unfolding genocide in Darfur, information was scarce, nobody could see what was really happening. In The Heart of Nuba, director Kenneth Carlson explores the work of ‘Dr. Tom’ who does his best to save lives in the midst of carnage and terror, in a region bombed relentlessly by an indicted war criminal, President Omar Al-Bashir.

If you watched the movie (available through Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Googleplay, Sony, Xbox and in public libraries via Hoopla), you have seen the horrific attacks and the dire situation of the people living in the Nuba Mountains. If you didn’t see the documentary yet, and if you live in Washington, DC, don’t miss the screening of the Heart of Nuba on October 20, 2018 at Washington National Cathedral. The event, sponsored by Darfur Interfaith Network, will be followed by a short Q&A session with Director Ken Carlson. You can register on this page.

A few months ago, in a video posted on Youtube, Dr. Tom Catena talked of the need for a humanitarian corridor to get much needed aid to the people of the Nuba mountains. We invite you to watch it below if you didn’t see it already.

In the meantime, you can support Dr. Tom Catena and the Mother of Mercy Hospital here.

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