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Radio Dabanga: Sponsor one day of lifesaving radio!

MagkaSama Team - June 6, 2018
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Radio Dabanga is an independent radio station reaching over 2 000 000 listeners a day in Darfur and Sudan. For almost 10 years, the radio has provided people living in the region with lifesaving information and news. The radio is also providing numerous media and organizations with important reports published on their website. We often mention them in our articles as you may have noticed.

Today Radio Dabanga needs money to keep their radio alive, and they are asking for your support. We will send in the coming days a special Newsletter with all the information about the radio and how to help them, in the meantime here is the message by Editor-in-Chief of Radio Dabanga, Kamal Elsadiq posted on their crowdfunding page:

My name is Kamal Elsadiq. For the past ten years, I have been coordinating our team of professionals in Amsterdam as Editor-in-Chief of Radio Dabanga. Since I was very young, I knew I wanted to be a journalist. I helped to start up Radio Dabanga because I want to make sure that independent, reliable news is reported from all corners of Sudan.

Now, my colleagues and I would like to ask you for your support.

Radio Dabanga is the only independent radio station from and for the people of Sudan, reaching over 2,000,000 listeners a day, providing them with lifesaving information and news.

We report on the situation in Sudan from the heart of Amsterdam, where we can put into action our belief that people in Sudan have the right to access independent information. To be able to continue our important work, we need your help!

One day of lifesaving radio = €290 ($340). These are the technical costs of broadcasting one hour of shortwave radio per day. By donating two minutes, ten minutes, one hour, to even a few days of airtime, you will allow us to continue to deliver lifesaving information. Together we will keep Radio Dabanga on air!

Watch the video to learn more about their initiative. Support Radio Dabanga and share the link to their crowdfunding page to your friends and family!

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