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Malala Day: Teens ready to report on historic education summit

MagkaSama Team - July 11, 2013
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Malala YousafzaiTomorrow, on Friday 12 July 2013, Malala Yousafzai will celebrate her 16th birthday by delivering a keynote speech to the United Nations advocating global education.

The teenage was brutally shot in the head in November 2012 by the Taliban in Pakistan, for being a schoolgirl and asking for the right to education for all.  Since the attack, she has become stronger than ever.

BBC published an article about her upcoming speech:

Her speech will emphasise how education is denied to millions of children. We are just two of many young people that will get the opportunity to witness her influential speech and then we will report on this special youth takeover of the UN.

The whole event is taking place to highlight the problem of millions of children around the world not being at school, especially girls. Malala aims to help tackle this ongoing issue through speaking out at the UN, reminding world leaders of the Millennium Development Goal which was for all primary school-age children to be in education.

Updated: Malala Yousafzai addresses United Nations Youth Assembly (video)

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