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Noura Hussein just had her death sentence commuted!

19-year-old Sudanese girl Noura Hussein just had her death sentence commuted! More than a million people have signed a petition calling for Justice for Noura. She won’t be killed because she was raped, no girl or woman should be raped, ever! I signed the petition, thanks to everyone who did and thanks to the Magkasama Project for supporting Noura!


Des tunisiens d’une gentillesse inouïe

Bonjour au Magkasama Project, merci de nous donner la parole sur votre site car je veux dire que je suis allée en Tunisie il y a 2 mois et que j’ai été accueillie par des gens d’une gentillesse inouïe. J’ai visité la Tunisie du nord au sud et je suis à la fois heureuse d’avoir découvert ce pays mais aussi un peu triste de voir que le pays a de la peine à sortir des... READ MORE

Melody Varanti (Lille)

Come visit Tunisia

Hello, I’m french, I live in Marseille but my parents come from Tunisia. They left the country because of Ben Ali and I’m proud on my tunisian roots. I often visit my family near the city of Tozeur and the life is still very difficult for them, my cousins don’t work and their parents are poor…. But Tunisia is rich of its history and culture and tourism is very important... READ MORE

Leila (Marseille)

Vive les Tunisiens!

Vive la Tunisie! Vive les Tunisiens! Nous sommes enfin libérés et libres, on va pouvoir revivre dans ce magnifique pays! Ça va être long et difficile je ne fais pas d’illusions mais on a notre avenir entre les mains et on ne doit rien lacher!

Aziz (Nabeul)

Support Haitians artists

My friend bought metal frames and a vetiver animal reindeer at Macy’s. Please support Haitians artists!

Richard Egglenbach (Haiti)

L’union fait la force

Merci de consacrer cette page à Haïti sur votre site. Merci de votre soutien et je suis bien d’accord l’union fait la force 🙂

Alain-Jacob (Haiti)

South Sudan will be peaceful one day

I hope South Sudan will be peaceful one day. They fought hard and now they deserve to live in peace, stop fighting for power and protect your people!!

Lucie (Europe)

A shame conflict minerals are still on the market

I didn’t know about conflict minerals but I think we should talk more about them and the people dying to get them. It’s a shame they are still on the market, we must do something!

Annie (Montpellier)

I support every cause you mention

Since the Sama Gazette and now the MagkaSama Project, I support every cause you mention on your websites. It was new to me and now I’m a truly committed individual. You changed me, really.

Camara Soula (West Africa)

The Enough Moment is a great book

I had an amazing afternoon with you guys talking about this great book, The Enough Moment. I’m eagerly looking forward your next reading group!

Carole P. (Paris / France)

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