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Twitter Roundup

Tweets on Human Rights, Freedom of Expression, Calls to Action and News (also available in French) curated by the MagkaSama Team

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MagkaSama Project

Nous marchons aux côtés des #jeunespourleclimat #grevepourleclimat 🌍💪 à #Paris / With #YouthStrike4Climate 🌍💪 in #Paris alongside @GretaThunberg David Carole Mehdi Lisa John… 📣Join us now! ✊✊🏿✊🏽 #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike 📷 @JeunesClimatIDF

African Centre

#SudanProtest. 30 women detained at Omdurman prison without access to lawyer or family.They were subjected to invasive strip searches, made to sit for long hours and at least eight are obliged to share a single cell measuring 5×5 meters . Read more here 👉…

MagkaSama Project

Des rapports alarmants se multiplient sur la répression sanglante par le régime avec lequel la #France #EU coopèrent en matière de migration. Quelle est la position de @francediplo @JY_LeDrian sur la situation au #Soudan 🇸🇩 ? #SudanUprising #Sudan_Revolts…

MagkaSama Project

Bonjour @francediplo. En novembre 2018, quelques semaines avant le nouveau soulèvement populaire au #Soudan 🇸🇩 #SudanUprising #Sudan_Revolts et le 30e anniversaire du coup d'état d'Omar #AlBashir @JY_LeDrian rencontrait son homologue soudanais Mohammed Ahmed Al-Dirdiri […]

MagkaSama Project

As we pointed out in our recent tweet about @RudwanDawod, we are very concerned about the many other sudanese, political activists, human rights defenders still arbitrarily detained in #Sudan 🇸🇩 Read @AfricanCentre Report for more information #SudanUprising #Sudan_Revolts…

Nancy Dawod

@MagkaSama Yes, thousands of other innocent Sudanese are still in detention or continue to be arrested. We have to stay united in our struggle until there’s an end to the oppression and atrocities committed by this dictatorship! #Sudan 🇸🇩…

MagkaSama Project

Fantastic news! This is a relief to know @RudwanDawod has been released although many other sudanese, activists, human rights defenders are still arbitrarily detained in #Sudan 🇸🇩 #SudanUprising #Sudan_Revolts…

Maddy Crowther

At the actual most important press conference of the day (okay, granted, maybe 2nd after #LabourSplit) - of the @uk_sdu about #SudanProtests at @RCPath #Sudan

Waging Peace

Great to see the presence of the largest ever group of Sudanese at #HolocaustMemorialDay #HMD2019 at this year's London ceremony get wide coverage, including in #Darfur itself thanks to @Radiodabanga: @HMD_UK

MagkaSama Project

We will send our Newsletter on #Sudan covering #SudanProtests #SudanUprising soon (news round-up, open letters, petitions to support…). In the meantime you can read our Interview Series: Sudan with experts and NGOs to better understand the situation…


Children were reportedly killed in ongoing turmoil that broke out last month in Sudan. According to reports, scores of children were also injured while others were detained. Authorities MUST prioritize the protection of children. @gcappelaere @UNICEFSudan

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