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Interview Series: Sudan

Note: Posts published before September 2017 have been archived. Some older posts remain available.

The MagkaSama Project Interview Series: Sudan is an ongoing collection of interviews with experts, organizations and journalists. Available in English and French.

Interview Series: Sudan – Part 4: Jacky Mamou (Collectif Urgence Darfour)

Le Darfour n'est plus au centre de l'actualité depuis longtemps. D’abord parce que la guerre a baissé d'intensité et si les exactions contre les populations continuent, elles sont moins nombreuses et moins massives. Ensuite de nouveaux conflits très meurtriers ont surgi ailleurs :...

Interview Series: Sudan – Part 3: Interview with Esther Sprague (Sudan Unlimited)

It is hard for the Sudanese that I talk with to understand these polices of Europe and the U.S. In the past, both have been strong allies of the people of Sudan in their efforts to secure freedom, equal citizenship and a just peace. It does not make sense to Sudanese for the E.U. to...

Interview Series: Sudan – Part 2: Interview with Radio Dabanga

As of 15 November 2008, Radio Dabanga came on air: an exiled radio station by Sudanese, for Sudanese. Since 1 December 2008, the station aired news and information broadcasts. It currently broadcasts one hour of daily programming from Amsterdam. Radio Dabanga was first and foremost a...

Interview Series: Sudan – Part 1: Interview with Jérôme Tubiana

Le chercheur Alex de Waal, qui a évoqué un génocide dans les monts Nuba lors du premier conflit dans cette zone dans les années 1980, a ensuite évoqué, au début du conflit du Darfour en 2003-2004, un génocide “par habitude”. Et même si on a pu discuter par la suite de la...

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