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Twitter Roundup

Tweets on Human Rights, Freedom of Expression, Calls to Action and News (also available in French) curated by the MagkaSama Team

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MagkaSama Project

As Al #Bashir faces corruption charges in #Khartoum court, elements loyal to the 75-year-old tried to free him from the notorious high security Kober prison in June via @CNN #SudanUprising #Sudan…

Simon Adams

“Today’s agreement leaves #Sudan halfway between democracy & dictatorship. But those, like General Hemeti, responsible for the 3 June massacre & other atrocities, still wield significant power. The international community must support human rights & accountability in Sudan.”

The Sentry

#Sudan: As military + civilian leaders prep to sign constitutional declaration, potential new beginning faces challenges from corrupt spoilers and entrenched deep state. Read the statement:


The tragic death of 14 people on the boat with Mohammed should remind us of the urgent need for increased search and rescue capacity in the Mediterranean. With almost 600 people who died or went missing this year, measures must be taken to prevent further loss of life at sea.

MagkaSama Project

We signed up to watch the #RisingSilence documentary screening. If you didn't sign up yet, do it now to get your access code and 'Listen to these women's voices before they disappear' @MukwegeFound #Congo 🇨🇩 #Women ♀️ #Listentosurvivors #HumanRights…

Mukwege Foundation

Rising Silence screening continues today! Sign up here to watch the film: (link: Exclusive online screening for @MukwegeFound for a limited time only! #independentfilm #documentary #risingsilence #birangona #humanrights #bangladesh

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